From Average to Exceptional with SelfX

The AI-Based Habit Development Tool to Break, Build, and Boost your Habits.

Have trouble maintaining habits? Let’s do it the SelfX way.

SelfX isn’t just another app on your phone that loads you with a hundred notifications. It actually helps you to initiate the process of building new habits and breaking the old ones by using a reward-based motivation scheme. Dreaming of a fitter body? Earn it.

How SelfX works to maximize your potential?

3X your Personality with SelfX


With SelfX, you get to explore your highest potential, leading to identification of your strengths as well as the areas that need work.



Execute the habit development methods and form robust habits that support your long-term goals with the SelfX AI Coach.


Develop a healthy body and a sharper mind to exponentially transform your personality and experience a magnificent life.

The Science Behind SelfX

Be The First — Become an Alpha Tester

Join the SelfX League by trying the app out firsthand. Be a part of building a tool that can revolutionize the world by the power of habits. Let’s do it together and create the best version of the app which is exclusively available to only 1000 alpha users. Help us deliver results and transform the lives of millions including yours.

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