Our journey to the
Xponential Self

It all started when Manuel’s life became very stressful 3 years ago. He struggled with health issues, weight-gain, poor sleep, and time management. He wanted to meditate, plan the day and work mindfully, have enough focus for his wife and kids, read good books and finish his degree in business administration besides the job. Having been part of a research project to find a connection between philosophy and motivation, he knew a lot about the theory of motivation and habit development, but still he was not able to create lasting habits. It was always the same ー very successful at the beginning, but after some weeks, back to the old unhealthy and satisfying routines, despite using multiple tools. 

After months of failure in forming simple habits, he concluded that there’s a big gap between our goals and the resources that are available to help actualize those goals. There are a lot of apps to track different activities of our body throughout the day, but there isn’t any tool that truly focuses on building or breaking a habit. To bridge this obvious gap between “thinking” and “acting” the App needs to be more than just a habit tracker and it has to learn about the user’s state of mind and adapt the inputs tailor made depending on the specific needs of a user in that specific situation. And that’s how SelfX was born out of necessity and in a hope to transform the lives of millions of people with simple everyday habits.

Our mission is to deepen your freedom to act in accordance with your authentic self and your true purpose so that you can become the best version of yourself and, most importantly, make a real and lasting difference in the world.

– Our Mission –

Our Team

Dr. Manuel Zorzi


Andreas Reuter


Dr. Philip Scherenberg

Advisory Board

Mel Baquiran

Project Management

Shivi Panwar

Content Writing

Krupa Jayani

Software Developer

Khushal Vaghasiya

UX Designer / Software Developer

Manfred Feiger


Inzamam ur Rahman

Marketing Manager

Kishore Gogoi


Ashhad Ahsan

Data Analyst

We are creating a future where everyone has a personal AI Coach that hacks your life to upgrade your personality by analyzing real time psychological data and gradually adapt your subconscious mind towards your conscious goals by transforming your daily life habits.

– Our Vision –